3-D Thursday Interactive/Interchangeable Card

Today's 3-D Thursday post is an interactive card.  I made this card for my daughter's friend who likes to cook for others.  She stayed with us for a while and as a thank you she made us a wonderful lunch.  But it was more than that - she made several different dishes, had menus, sent out invites - she called it "Anushka's Bistro".  She has done this for other hosts when traveling - she says she has Bistro's all over the country (and I believe even an international one!)
When her birthday came around I knew exactly what stamp I wanted to use.  A super fun thing about this set is that your cook can hold any one of a number of different foods.  Since I couldn't choose one I colored them all.  Then I took a clear velcro dot, cut it in half and positioned it slightly over her hand.
All of my food pieces have a half circle on the backside so Anushka can "play" with her card and put out whichever food suits her at the moment.  I mailed the card with the cake on it and made a small envelope to hold the others.
The card was extremely fun to color and put together.  I decided to use a banner for her name.  When creating a banner, start in the middle and work out.  It is much easier to get things lined up this way.

Stamps and Dies: Essentials by Ellen - Leading Ladies Baker Lady
Dies: MFT Stitched Alphabet and Stitched Banner Alphabet
Copic Markers

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