About Me

Jeanne Knobbe

I have been drawing, coloring and creating ever since I can remember. While my initial aspiration (set when I was five) to be an artist in Paris has changed considerably, my love of creating art has not.

I am a fine arts graduate from UCLA where I studied illustration using Prismacolor pencils and markers. I then turned to graphic design and spent over 20 years designing with my computer until I gave it up to help my husband run his business.

Ten years ago my mother-in-law introduced me to card making and paper crafting. Once again I was five years old and I could create by getting my fingers dirty!

Today, my markers are mainly Copics, my pencils still mostly Prismacolor. And I use a variety of other inks, dyes and paints. My goal is to share not only what I create, but some of my insights and methods gained through my experience both professionally and personally.

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