Copic Markers with Prismacolors

Good morning!  It's been a LONG week so today's card is one I created a few months ago. It was colored using both Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils.
I colored the stamp with light markers to give it a "base coat" of the colors I wanted, not really worrying about shading.  This gives a nice boost to the pencils so you don't have to use as many layers.  On this card I chose the papers for the background before I started coloring - see my posts about matching Copics to specific colors.  In this instance, I went with the lightest shade of markers.

One of the really nice things about pencils is that the color you see in the lead is what you get - no chart needed.  With markers there is the cap color and the ink color - not always exactly the same - which is why a chart comes in handy.  So, you don't need a chart with pencils but you do need a good eye for color.  (But know that you can always adjust!)

Thanks for visiting today - I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm looking forward to mine!

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