Have Your Cat Call My Cat

Happy Tuesday!  I loved having a long weekend - last week seemed to drag on so this three day was very welcome.  But I was very busy this weekend and of course put off making any cards.  I became a bit stressed around noon today when I realized I still had my DT cards to make.  This week we're having a color challenge at CAS Colours & Sketches.
The colors this week are:
I was very tempted to make a Halloween card but instead opted to use these strange cats. I colored their companion dogs earlier this year and knew that they would color up quickly.  And it was a good thing too.

I decided to use my new Arteza markers and picked three colors that are very close to the challenge colors.  I bought a set of these markers because the price was so good and I wanted to compare them to ZIG Kuratake markers.   They are very close to the ZIGs.  They don't blend quite as well when using just the markers and no water, but they come pretty close.  It's one of those things  that for the price you get a lot more for your dollar but they aren't QUITE the same.  And if you  use a water brush like I did, there isn't much difference at all.  It's a personal preference and what your budget can afford.

These stamps are all individuals, so I masked and stamped them to get my group.
I colored them in and stamped the sentiment.  It's a good thing that the coloring was loose and went fast because this is where things went horribly wrong!
I usually stamp my sentiment before I color unless I'm die cutting it or the image.  But I didn't this time and when I went to cut out my panel I smeared the heck out of the ink.  I really wanted a simple one layer card and there just wasn't a good way to salvage this card without layers, so I just started over.

On the bright side it allowed me to change up the colors - I thought I'd like more variety in the cats so I used the navy on one and a grey for the shadow.

I love the sentiment for this set.  I have both a dog and two cats and I know this to be so true!

Stamps:  Indigo Blu Kevin's Gang
Markers:  Arteza markers Ube Purple A168, Denim Blue A186, Sunset Yellow A156, Elephant Grey A130
Strahmore Mixed Media paper

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  1. This kitties are the cutest, and I love the sentiment! And there is nothing more frustrating than smudged ink!

  2. Oh no, I hate when it is the last thing that I do that messes up a card! I love the new trio with the colors all different - that blue kitty is my fav! Awesome card, as always, Jeanne!

  3. Cats definitely do have their own "purr"sonalities, don't they? :) I would not have thought to use these colors for furry animals but they do go well with the whimsical style of these kitties. Very cute! (Sorry I'm so late commenting on this card!)